City of Missoula Utilities

Missoula Water - (406) 552-6700

Provides clean, safe water throughout the city and maintains the water system infrastructure.

Storm Water - (406) 552-6357

Provides for and maintains infrastructure for both surface and underground movement of water from rain, snow melt, and other weather events and ensures compliance with state, federal, and local laws for storm water management

Wastewater - (406) 552-6600 & Garden City Compost - (406) 552-6619 

Provides safe and environmentally conscientious management and disposal of sewage. Includes the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Garden City Compost facilities. 

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Dennis Bowman, Superintendent

Dennis Bowman

Deputy Public Works Director - Utilities


Utility Locates

The City of Missoula participates in the 811: Call Before You Dig program. The City of Missoula only performs locates for City-owned sewer and water main lines.  

The City of Missoula does not locate the following for sewer or water:

  • Utility Service Lines (lines connected to the sewer and water mains)
  • Private Distribution Networks (irrigation systems, outbuildings, etc.) 
  • Private Underground Facilities (wells, septic systems, etc.)

Private underground facilities are found everywhere, including single family homes, farms, multi-family homes, businesses, industrial areas, mobile home courts, shopping centers, and sometimes in the road right-of-way.

When a property owner, tenant, or excavation contractor knows of or suspects the presence of any type of private underground facility or utility service line, they are responsible to locate that facility or service line, or hire a third-party to locate them.  

The City of Missoula does not own, maintain, locate, or install private sewer or water lines.

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