Business Licensing

The City of Missoula requires most businesses located or operating in city limits to get a business license. Determine if you need a license, what type of business license you need, how to apply and and receive a license, and what fees you will need to pay.

BLIC Process Template

Do I need a City of Missoula Business License?
Are you grossing more than $6,000 per year?
AND will you be conducting your business within the city limits?
OR are you applying for permits within city limits?
If YES, you should apply for a City of Missoula business license!
If NO, you do not need a city of Missoula Business License.

Licenses located within city limits that are exempt should submit an Exempt Affidavit Form.

Criteria and description of license types to determine appropriate license

How do I apply for my business license?

Select the License Type that you are required to obtain for more details, including:

  • Specific requirements and information you may need to provide during the application process.
  • Forms you need to complete.
  • How to apply and pay. Some licenses are submitted online in the Accela Citizen Access Permitting and Licensing Portal, OR some are submitted by completing and submitting fillable PDF applications.

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  1. General Business License +

General Business License

Most businesses fall into this category. Construction, commercial rental, cannabis industry, or liquor related businesses have their own special license type. 

Required forms for application

All owners and employees onsite residential property must submit a background check (PDF) with their application. The completed background check(s) are attached during the application process. 

How to Submit

  1. Get prepared with:
    • Visa or MasterCard payment is accepted at time of application 
    • If renting a commercial space, the commercial rental license associated with your location
    • Background Check forms, if applicable, to attach during the application process
  2. Visit the Permit and License Portal
  3. Review step-by-step instructions to submit your license if you need help
  1. Construction Contractor License +
  1. Mobile / Itinerant Vendor +
  1. Commercial Rental License +
  1. Liquor License +
  1. 420 cannabis License +
  1. tourist home registration +

Renewing Your License

You must renew your license each year. Different license and registrations expire at different months during the year. Review the table below to determine when you must renew each year. 

Change in physical location (homebased or commercial), change in ownership, or change in nature of business requires a new license application. Do not renew your license if you have changed addresses, ownership, or function/severity.

How to Renew Your License

  1. Online - You will receive an email to log in to the Accela Citizen Access Permitting and Licensing Portal to make payment to renew your license. You can renew your license up to two months before your license expiration, once you receive the notification email.
  2. Check - Drop-off or mail a check. Licenses that do not renew in the first month will receive a paper invoice 2-3 weeks before expiration of their license. The bottom portion of the invoice and check should be submitted together.
  3. Over the Phone - Call 552-6060 once you have received the email or invoice reminding you to renew. Due to high call volumes online or check is preferred.

Late renewals have penalty fees. 25% at two months past due, 50% at three months past due, and 100% penalty after four or more months past due.

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