Outstanding Neighborhood Volunteer of the Year


Neighborhood Volunteer Awards

Each year Community Forum solicits nominations of individuals and groups who have made significant and positive neighborhood contributions through their volunteer efforts.  A committee recommends nominees who are then confirmed by Community Forum.  

Award recipients are recognized at a City Council meeting. Their names are added to a plaque that is on display in City Hall, and a special day is named in their honor by the Mayor's official proclamation.   

Nominations are due by February 7, 2018.  

Individual or Group Award Nomination Form (Word document)

Individual or Group Award Nomination Form (online submission)

For more information, please contact:

Jane Kelly

Neighborhood Coordinator

Previous Volunteer Award Winners 

Outstanding Individual Winners 

2016 - Karen Sippy
2015 - John Thompson
2014 - Dave Chrismon

2013 - Hans Zuuring 
2012 - Bert Lindler
2011 - Jim Hausauer
2010 - Dax Kuehn 
2009 - Jeremy Flesch 
2008 - Carma Gilligan 
2007 - Jeff Stevens 
2006 - David V. Gray 
2005 - Marliyn Marler 
2004 - Don Stinger 

Outstanding Group Winners 

Rattlesnake Hockey Club 
Thoughtful Neighbors - "The Ice Cream Socialists" 

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