Current Projects in City Planning

The City Zoning Ordinance (Title 20) Annual Update -

The City Zoning Ordinance (Title 20) annual update is in process.  This project supports the City’s strategic framework by continuing to refine and clarify land-use regulations that provide predictability for developers who share our goals and vision as well as implementing recommendations from the Housing Policy and collaborating between divisions to create clear regulatory alignments. 

This year’s package proposes 40 amendments and includes changes that will: 
- Help implement the recently adopted Missoula Housing Policy; 
- Coordinate inter agency regulations; 
- Update the Conditional Use process to focus more specifically on the proposed use, rather than specific design details Update the Sign Chapter; 
- Update Title 20 noticing procedures to enhance coordination, create consistency and help improve the effectiveness of the process; and, 
- Includes miscellaneous amendments.

Information and amendments regarding the Title 20 Update can be found at Missoula Zoning Code Updates located on the City’s new online engagement platform Engage Missoula. (

Interested citizen comments are needed to refine the proposed amendments.  Comments received prior to the Planning Board hearing will be considered by the Planning Board at their hearing on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, and will be forwarded on to the City Council for their public hearing in the fall.

Mullan Area Master Plan Project -

Although the public in-person charrettes scheduled for the week of 3/23 were cancelled, many stakeholders were able to meet to relay enough technical information to the community design consultant Dover Kohl so that they could create some drafts of a plan for the public to consider this summer when their team will come to Missoula to conduct in-person charrettes with the community.   

In the meantime, if you have time (we will be taking comments for the next few months so don’t feel like you have to participate now) please go to the project website to learn what the consultant found and then weigh in by taking the polls and commenting to Tom Zavits, City Project Lead, or the consultant - the contact information is on their website under the "connect" menu item.  Thanks for your patience and we are looking forward to getting the community response as soon as we reasonably can. Updates and information about changes to the project schedule can be found on the Master Plan project web page.

The City is partnering with Missoula County to plan for future development in the undeveloped area between the Missoula International Airport, Mullan Road, Broadway (HWY 10) and the existing development along Reserve Street. The process will begin in spring 2020 with outreach to the community and stakeholders to participate in a week-long charrette in March. Stay tuned to this page for updates.

If you have specific questions, you can email or call Tom Zavitz , City Project Lead, at, 406-552-6632 or Andrew Hagemeier, County Project Lead, at, 406-258-3707.

2020 Mullan Area Outreach Events

Recently Completed Projects

We also have a list of recently completed projects from the last five years.