Current Projects in City Planning

City of Missoula Annexation Policy Adopted

On July 22, 2019, the Missoula City Council adopted the City's first Annexation Policy. The policy provides guidance for considering annexation proposals and is based on the Our Missoula Growth Policy, Our Missoula Development Guide, industry best practices, state law and input from other municipal agencies. 

The proposed policy is available to view at this link: Proposed Missoula Annexation Policy

If you have any questions, please email or call Tom Zavitz at 406 552 6632.

/AR Adaptive Reuse Overlay 

Development Services is currently developing a new Zoning District Overlay for the purpose of aiding in the adaptive reuse of Historically Significant Buildings. Adaptive reuse is defined as the process of reusing an existing building, or portion of a building, for a purpose other than which it was originally built, designed or currently used for, or for the benefit of a substantial rehabilitation. With the recent growth, change and development taking place in Missoula, it has become clear that incentivizing historic preservation and building reuse in Title 20 is necessary and would benefit from the establishment of an /AR Overlay.

The Proposed /AR Ordinance Permits Specific Modifications to the Following Standards:

  • Use: Regardless of the underlying zoning, the City Council may approve a mix of use types within an /AR District as a means of accommodating the reuse of any qualified building. 
  • Density: The /AR District can exceed the maximum density established by the underlying zoning district for the site, so long as  the added density is allowable by building code.
  • Building Code: Adaptive reuse projects may qualify for alternative building code compliance subject to Section 3409 of the International Building Code. (Building code can be used outside the overlay, this is not a modification specific to the overlay, but is a commentary)
  • Fire Code: Projects within an /AR District shall comply with provisions in accordance with NFPA 914, Code for Fire Protection of Historic Structures, and shall not be subject to the International Fire Code if the building does not constitute a distinct hazard to life or property, per section 102.6 IFC.
  • Expedited Review: Projects within an /AR District shall receive expedited review throughout the City’s plan review process.
  • Fees: Administrative fees associated with adoption of an /AR District will be reduced by half.

The proposed language can be found here. For additional reference, the current Historic Preservation Permit (HPP) process 20.85.085, can be found here

Public Hearings

The Missoula City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, August 12, 2019 beginning at 7:00 PM, in the Missoula City Council Chambers, 140 W. Pine Street, Missoula, MT. For more information contact Emy Scherrer, Historic Preservation Officer,

Townhome Exemption Development (TED) proposed amendments to the City Zoning Ordinance

At the request of the City Council, planning staff have drafted amendments to Title 20 City Zoning Ordinance to update Townhome Exemption Development (TED) and associated regulations.  These proposed amendments are being developed during the time frame of an adopted Interim Ordinance to address TED projects.  This state-enabled exemption from subdivision allows for a streamlined review process for qualifying residential development projects located on lots legally created and zoned accordingly. Part of the City’s purpose for zoning is to support orderly development and protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the community. The TED regulations have been re-evaluated with those purposes in mind and with the understanding that some form of TED process can be beneficial, especially for projects that can establish new sites for additional dwelling units on a parcel that is not yet developed fully.  More specifically, the intent for the TED regulations is to:  encourage residential infill development that contributes to compact and walkable neighborhoods; makes efficient use of existing City infrastructure; and addresses housing affordability by generating new housing stock in a timely manner. The TED Option is not intended for new greenfield development if it is in an area that is lacking in existing infrastructure; or for sites that would jeopardize the City’s ability to manage development in an orderly manner or protect and promote the general health, safety and welfare of the community.

Amendments to several sections of the Zoning Ordinance are proposed to meet the intent for TEDs.  Key strategies that shape the amendments include increasing the cap for TED units that may be administratively approved (depending on zoning district); prohibiting TED projects above the dwelling unit cap; removing the conditional use review process; and prohibiting TEDs on land with significant constraints and where public right-of-way is necessary and would not be established.

The proposed amendments are geared toward supporting a streamlined and balanced process of development review that supports residential development where appropriate conditions exist and recognizes that residential development may still occur through other review processes including subdivision, condominium, and other state permitted subdivision exemptions.  In summary, the proposed zoning amendments represent an opportunity to comprehensively guide this development tool and regulate TEDs so that they are used in a way that meets city goals, the purpose of zoning, and also addresses the challenges that TED projects present. 

Agency and Public Comment are Requested: Development Services is currently seeking comment on the proposed amendments. Comments received by Monday, July 22nd will be included in a packet to Planning Board. Comments received after that date and before the Planning Board public hearing will be forwarded to Planning Board under separate cover.  You can find the agency and public comment memo here and the proposed amendments here.   The TED regulations (prior to the Interim Ordinance) are available here.

Public Hearings

Planning Board Public Hearing: Planning Board will hold a public hearing on this project on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 beginning at 7:00 p.m., in the Missoula City Council Chambers, 140 W. Pine Street. Public comment is welcome and encouraged at the public hearing. The board will review, consider public comment, and provide recommendations to the City Council for their final review and decision. 

City Council Public Hearing: The date for a final public hearing at City Council has not yet been set.   


Draft TED Ordinance

Agency TED Memo (includes a description of the background and rationale for the proposed ordinance)

Interim TED Ordinance (in effect until 11/5/19)

Townhome Exemption Development (TED) Interim Zoning Ordinance

On May 6, 2019 the City Council adopted an Interim Zoning Ordinance to address conditional use TED regulations. The interim ordinance requires additional review and approval procedures, clarifies eligibility and submittal requirements, and establishes additional development regulations for conditional use permit requests for townhome exemptions development. The interim ordinance also provides greater parcel area flexibility for future subdivisions and amends general terminology to clarify the definition of a lot. The interim zoning ordinance is in effect from the adoption date through November 5, 2019 during which time the City will consider zoning changes for certain TED projects. The interim TED Ordinance can be found here

Recently Completed Projects

We also have a list of recently completed projects from the last five years.