Urban Fringe Development Area Project (UFDA)

In the next 20 to 30 years,15,000 new residential units are anticipated within the Missoula Urban Services Area.The Urban Fringe Development Area Project (UFDA) was initiated in 2007 to plan how to accommodate and direct this residential growth.The UFDA project maps and documents provide the public and decision makers with detailed community demographic profile, growth pattern information and a database of information important to the discussion of growth. UFDA Project resulted in a a Growth Policy Amendment (PDF) and Map (PDF) passed by both City and County governing bodies.

The project information is documented in a series of booklets containing the community profile, analysis, and public outreach process. Subsequent yearbooks summarizing the calendar year in terms of permitted residential buildings, subdivisions, agricultural land developed, extended water and sewer mains, and new road and trail infrastructure are released annually.

Initial UFDA Booklets

Project Launch (PDF)
Staff Recommendation (PDF)
(includes growth scenarios and suitability analysis.)

Download pdf maps and use layers navigation in Adobe Acrobat for best viewing
Natural Resources
Soils and Agriculture
Parks and Open Space
Public Health
Public Safety
Water and Sanitation
Hisoric Resources
School District Info
MapSoula Missoula
On-line maps including building permits, and subdivisions