Memorial Rose Garden

A living memorial

Memorial Rose Garden Park is located at 800 Brooks St. The Memorial Rose Garden was established in 1946 as a memorial to Missoula-area casualties of World War II. Six local rose enthusiasts formed the Missoula Rose Society on November 12, 1944. The Society’s first aim was the establishment of a Memorial Rose Garden. Response was enthusiastic, with 700 donors from around the state (children, fraternal organizations, fraternities and sororities) contributing. 

In 1946, Rose Society members planted 650 rose bushes around the Memorial. A plaque on the Memorial lists the names of those who lost their lives in World War II. The Garden is a joint effort of the Missoula Rose Society and the Missoula Parks and Recreation Department.

By agreement, the Rose Society is responsible for providing the rose bushes, planting them, and the overall supervision of the Garden. Maintenance of the parkland surrounding the Rose Garden is the province of the Parks and Recreation Department.

At present, 44 beds are planted with 600+ bushes, including a variety of hybrid teas, grandifloras, floribundas and miniatures. There are also a number of old shrub roses located in the park.

Remembering those who served

Among the attractive features of the park are the American and Montana state flags, which are lighted 24 hours a day, symbolizing the enduring honor paid to those who gave their lives for their country.

The Blue Star Memorial Rose Garden Bronze Plaque, located in the southwest corner of the park, was erected by the Montana Federation of Garden Clubs.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, located in the northeast corner of the park, was dedicated in 1989. The Korean War Monument, in the northwest corner, was dedicated in 1997. The Policemen’s Memorial was dedicated in 2000 and is located to the southwest. Veterans of America's conflicts in Grenada, the Persian Gulf, Panama and Korea, as well as urban firefighters, are also honored with memorials in the park. 


The Memorial Rose Garden has become a place of reflection for family and friends who have lost their loved ones and is a constant source of beauty for the community. With your help, we will continue to provide the roses with the necessary care to keep them strong and healthy.

Individuals, groups or organizations may adopt one of the 44 rose beds in the park to care for throughout the year.  You will be provided with the training and tools necessary to perform routine maintenance of the roses, which should require an average of 2 to 3 volunteer hours per month, March to October.Adopters are asked to make sure their beds are looking their best for the major holidays, from Mother‘s Day to Labor Day, when the Garden is visited most often.

The Adopt-A-Bed program is a wonderful community service project in which your minimal time commitment has a huge impact for our community. Registration packet  Email the Missoula Rose Society.

Sponsor the Memorial Rose Garden

The Memorial Rose Garden is planted, pruned, and maintained primarily by volunteers, led by the Missoula Rose Society and Partners In Parks, and it needs your support to grow. The volunteer-led effort by the Missoula Rose Society requires an annual cash budget of $5000.  The City of Missoula provides a match of in-kind a materials/labor support of more than $5000 per year. The Rose Society annual budget includes $1700 for new and replacement roses and $3300 for materials, supplies, bed improvements.

The Society is seeking five major “Rose Growers” Sponsors or up to ten $500 “Rose Pruners” Sponsors. Advertising funds, private donations, foundations funds are all welcome.  Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  The Missoula Rose Society is a 501c3, tax ID 81-6017381. Learn more.  Email the Missoula Rose Society.


  • On-site at the Rose Gardens/WWII Interpretive Panels
  • City website recognition as a Partners in Parks and recognition on Currents Aquatics Center donor wall.
  • Appearance in the Missoula Rose Society Bulletins, Schedules
  • Recognition at Missoula Rose Society Events, including at Southgate Mall Rose Show and Missoula County Fair.
  • Appreciation Plaque to be located at your business.

Support the Garden

The Missoula Rose Society is dedicated to making the Garden a place that reflects community pride. Gifts to the Rose Garden in the form of memorials or donations for replacement of roses are always welcome and appreciated. Gifts may be sent to: The Memorial Rose Garden, 3405 Ravenwood Ln., Missoula, MT 59803. Acknowledgments will be sent.  Email the Missoula Rose Society.

Join the Rose Society

Regular meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month (except July, August, December, and January) at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Room at Southgate Mall. Guests are always welcome. If you have an enthusiasm for roses, please join us! Annual dues are $20 per household. Rose Society members receive:

  • A wealth of information on planting, and caring for roses.
  • Involvement in the Missoula Memorial Rose Garden and the growing of new rose varieties.
  • Participation in two rose shows per year.

Learn more. The Missoula Rose Society is affiliated with the American Rose Society.  

Email the Missoula Rose Society.

white rose

Master Site Plan

After 13 months of public process and historical research, the City of Missoula has adopted a master site plan for Memorial Rose Garden Park. The plan was adopted on July 28, 2008, and includes guiding principles for park design, a Design Review Committee, and a master site plan.

The plan serves as a long-range (20 to 30 years) vision for future development and programming. The plan is conceptual in nature and not intended to address detailed issues related to engineered site design or park operations. A park master plan is a general guide for appropriate park uses and their approximate location within a specific park site.


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