Economic Health

 Industries, jobs, wages, fiscal sustainability, technology infrastructure, business support
Resource materials specific to Economic Health

Economic Health Land Use Exercise Map (PDF)
Economic Health Goals and Objectives (PDF) 3/26/2015
Economic Health Revised Goals and Objectives (PDF) 2/26/2015
Draft Economic Health Goals & Objectives (PDF) 1/26/15
Economic Health Goals & Objectives (PDF) from previous plans
Community Builders Place Value Webinar (PDF) - Sonoran Institute
Missoula County Climate Change Primer Strategies to care for Community, Land & Water
TED Talk on economic and social value of preserving community uniqueness by Ed McMahon, Senior Fellow at the Urban Land Institute (17-minute video)

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  1. Economic Health November Meeting Draft Goal Topics

    Below are the draft goal topics selected by the Economic Health Focus Group at their November meeting. These are a work in progress. You may comment or add to these ideas to continue the conversation between meetings. * Infrastructure * Labor Pool * Business Development * Transportation - Transit - Multi-modal * Local Business * Economy-Jobs