Decorations and Flowers

Our cemetery understands the important tradition of placing flowers on a loved one's grave.  So, we offer our families the opportunity to enjoy flowers on a grave from spring to fall through the annual purchase of a flower bed or box.

Please review grounds regulations or contact the cemetery office at 406-552-6070
  2. BEDS
  3. BOXES

2018 Schedule

Mar. 1 Grounds cleared - No decorations allowed on grounds
Apr. 20 Deadline for payment to assure holiday planting
Apr. 23 Late fees will be charged to bed and box orders
May 18 Flower beds ready for planting after 5 p.m.
May 24 Flower boxes arrive from Caras Nursery
May 18 - Jun. 3 Flowers or decorations of any type allowed on grounds
Jun. 4 Grounds cleared of all items except those in authorized beds, boxes, or vases
Sept. 4 Flower beds and boxes removed
Sept. 4 - Nov. 21 No items allowed on grounds
Nov. 22, 2018 - Feb. 28, 2019 Flowers or decorations of any type are allowed over the winter
Note:  The cemetery regularly clears the grounds as detailed in the cemetery ordinance.  The cemetery is not responsible for lost, stolen, or illegal items removed from graves.
Helpful suggestions:
  • Do not place valuables on the grounds
  • Do not place glass or breakable items on the grounds
  • Flowers and decorations are cleared from the grounds regularly
  • Vases on a hearth allow flowers all year
  • Understand that wildlife love flowers
Twin speckled fawns eyeing flowers in cemetery