Programs & Applications

 Application Guidelines

  • The application packet includes instructions, a questionnaire, and a cost worksheet. Please read thoroughly and answer each question as completely as possible.
  • Each submitted application will be reviewed by MRA staff for eligibility for Tax Increment Financing assistance in accordance with State Urban Renewal Law.
  • If your project is eligible, the MRA staff will prepare a recommendation for the MRA Board of Commissioners to review.
  • The five-member MRA Board approves tax increment assistance. The Board usually meets the third Thursday of each month.
  • Applications are due the first of each month to allow enough time for staff to review.

Demolition Alternatives Policy & Deconstruction Guide
MRA Deconstruction Policies and Projects
MRA State Prevailing Wage Rates Policy

URD Interactive Map - See if your property is in a URD

URD interactive maps

MRA Staff Contacts

Please contact an MRA Staff member to discuss your project before completing your application. Your project may qualify for assistance in more than one area.

Missoula Redevelopment Agency

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

MRA provides a means to finance public improvements related to urban renewal projects and to protect past public investments. Examples include acquisition, construction, demolition or improvements of land, streets, alleys, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, bicycle/pedestrian pathways, parking facilities, water lines, and public buildings. TIF assistance is available in all the Missoula Urban Renewal Districts.

Facade Improvement Program (FIP)

The objective of the FIP program is to encourage voluntary repair and rehabilitation of commercial, mixed-use and multi-family (minimum of 4 units) in URD II and URD III in a way that advances the aesthetic environment and enhances the pedestrian experience. Additional objectives include expansion of the property tax base, stimulation of business and economic development, and retention and expansion of employment in the district. Grants for any individual project may not exceed 25% or $50,000 (whichever is less) of the total project cost, thereby ensuring significant private investment in any given project. The FIP is available in URD II and URD III only.

Code Compliance Program (CCP)

The purpose of the CCP is to encourage compliance with life-safety regulations adopted by the City of Missoula by subsidizing private efforts to repair and rehabilitate commercial property in accordance with life-safety codes. The CCP is only available in URD II.

Commercial Rehabilitation Loan Program (CRLP)

Through the CRLP, MRA subsidizes interest rates on commercial loans to foster voluntary rehabilitation of eligible commercial properties. The CRLP is only available in URD II.