All-In-One Recycling

The City of Missoula is excited to launch an All-In-One Recycling pilot project in partnership with Republic Services. The project goal is to shift our waste stream away from the landfill as a step toward Zero Waste for City operations. All-In-One recycling will now be available for City employees and members of the public doing business at City Hall, City Council Chambers, and the Missoula Redevelopment Agency.

The program is designed to be convenient, simple and consistent. Just remember that all recyclables will now go into any blue bin, together. Anything that isn't recyclable will go into the black companion bins, and will be sent to the landfill. The blue bins are larger on purpose because most waste generated can and should be recycled. Each employee will receive a blue and black bin for "deskside" recycling and 12 new sets of public and group bins will be deployed throughout the buildings. Let's join together to start the shift toward Zero Waste. See guide below for more information.

Recycling Guide Flyer