Brooks Street Corridor Study

The City of Missoula Development Services, with assistance from New Mobility West, the Missoula Redevelopment Agency, Missoula Urban Transportation District, Missoula Midtown Association, and PUMA (Progressive Urban Management Associates) seeks to identify approaches that can help Brooks Street become a more transit and pedestrian-friendly corridor.

Development along the corridor is underway and the time is right to begin considering opportunities to improve transportation and development planning in the area.

Report and Resolution (PDF) documents are available.


The study area roughly follows the URD boundary around the Southgate Mall area. The north edge of the study area follows 14th St and north of Mount Ave, and turns south to loosely trace Bancroft St. It then follows South Ave along the fairgrounds to turn south on Russell. Here, it zig-zags to the south-west, parallel to Brooks St until it reaches its southern-most corner behind Walmart at Briggs St and Miller Creek Rd. The boundary then crosses Brooks north onto Old Highway 93. At Reserve St and Dixon Ave, the study area zig-zags north-east, running parallel to the Bitterroot Branch train tracks before ending at Grant St and 14th St.