Public Review and Comment

Public Review

Public drafts of proposed zoning overlays are not yet ready for public review - they will be available by October 10, 2018. If materials have not yet been posted - please check back for updates.

Public Hearings

The Missoula Consolidated Planning Board will hold a public hearing to review the proposal on Tuesday, October 30, starting at 7:00 p.m. at City Council Chambers, 140 Pine St., Missoula.  Planning Board recommendations will be forwarded, along with public comment to the Missoula City Council at a final public hearing.   

The Missoula City Council will set a public hearing date, likely to be held in mid-December. 

Public Comment

We want to hear from you! Public comments may be shared:

a) In a letter mailed to Development Services;    
b) In an email* with a request to be forwarded to the Planning Board; or
c) In person by attending public hearings. Official protest must follow a specific format – see details below.

Written comments received before the Planning Board public hearing will be forwarded to the Board members for their consideration. Comments submitted after the Planning Board hearing will be forwarded to the City Council for consideration. Ultimately, comments will continue to be considered up until the time that the City Council makes a final decision on the project.    

How to Protest

City and state laws include a right for affected property owners to protest the proposed ordinances. A supermajority vote (2/3 of those Council members present and voting) may be required if protests are received from owners of 25% or more of:

1. The area of the parcels that are the subject of the proposed change; or
2. The parcels or units, as defined in MCA § 70-23-102, within 150 feet of the parcel that is the subject of the proposed       change. 

State law (76-2-305 Montana Code Annotated) includes requirements for a zoning protest to be valid and counted in the official tally. The protest must:

  1. Be signed by all the property owner(s) listed on the official deed records on file with Missoula County. If there are multiple owners listed on the deed, all owners must sign. Please legibly print all signatories’ names. If the name cannot be discerned from the signature and matched with official records, the protest may not be counted.
  2. Include the address(es) and/or legal description(s) of the property(ies)
  3. Identify what the property owner(s) are protesting.
  4. Be submitted in writing and mailed or delivered to Development Services, 435 Ryman St., Missoula, MT 59802 on or before the City Council makes a final decision.  The Council can make a final decision at any time after the close of the public hearing (anticipated mid-December)

*Please note that e-mail protests are not valid unless the protest is a scanned attachment containing all signatures. Protests may be filed or withdrawn until the City Council makes a final decision. Only owners inside the affected proposed overlay zoning districts and a buffer of 150 feet (adjacent) will be counted in the official tally. The City will compare the petitions received with the ownership listed on official tax records and other public records to ascertain property ownership and location.

Public Open House - Review of Proposed District Boundary Maps

Thanks to the people who participated in the recent Open Houses on October 16th. 

Please continue to contact our office with any further questions that you may have about the Design Excellence overlay. See above on how to submit a comment. 

To view the information boards that were presented at the Open Houses, click here.

Special Situations

Property owned by a corporation, trust, or other organization

Individuals filing protests on behalf of corporations, trusts, or other organizations that own an eligible property should sign their names, indicate what entity owns the property, and certify that they are authorized by the organization to sign the petition on behalf of the entity listed as the owner on official deed records.

Powers of Attorney/Deceased property owners

In the case where a person is exercising a power of attorney on behalf of a property owner, it is helpful if the person attaches a copy of the power of attorney. Alternatively, if a property owner is deceased, please note that information and the date of death on the protest.

Condominium unit owners

Each unit owner is entitled to have the percentage of the unit owner's undivided interest in the common elements of the condominium, as expressed in the declaration, included in the calculation of the protest.