Development of A Place to Call Home

Housing Policy Steering Committee

In December of 2017 Mayor Engen invited a diverse group of citizen stakeholders to inform the Office of Housing & Community Development in the creation of a guiding framework and broad-based strategies to address housing supply and attainability. That Housing Policy Steering Committee continued to engage with city staff throughout 2018 and into 2019 until policy was adopted on June 24, 2019.

Process Documents and Local Guiding Research

Technical Work Groups

The Office of Housing & Community Development started Phase II of the housing policy process in August of 2018. This phase was defined by the creation of Technical Work Groups composed of city staff, county staff, and community leaders whose goal was to distill the broad direction provided by the Steering Committee into specific policy recommendations. Technical Work Groups completed their work in April 2018 and Housing Policy recommendations were presented to City Council in May 2018. These recommendations were compiled to create A Place to Call Home: Meeting Missoula's Housing Needs.

Process Documents

Missoula Housing Policy Timeline

Implementation Update_Timeline