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Ordinances adopted but not yet codified and emergency/urgency ordinances

Ordinance 3687 - An ordinance rezoning the subject property located at 500 South Higgins Avenue, legally described in Exhibit A, from Missoulian PUD and M1R-2 Limited Industrial Residential to C1-4 Neighborhood Commercial / DE-D Design Excellence Overlay Downtown Hip Strip and OP1 Open Space, subject to the applicant filing the amended plat and meeting the terms of approval for subdivision exemption application 2021-MSS-SEA-00020 within one hundred and eighty (180) days of approval of the rezoning, subject to review and approval by Development Services and Public Works and Mobility, otherwise the rezoning of the property shall become null and void, and the property shall revert to its original status. The effective date of the ordinance is the date the amended plat is filed for subdivision exemption application 2021-MSS-SEA00020.

Ordinance 3688 (effective 12/15/21) - Preliminarily adopt an ordinance amending the standards of the Mill Site Special Zoning District, legally described in Exhibit A, to remove the use restrictions on Moose Creek Trail and Silver Parkway in Subdistrict B/C.

Subdivision Regulation

Subdivision Regulations  

Amendment to City Subdivision Regulations Cash-in-Lieu Requirements (Section 3-080.7) Adopted May 20, 2021: Resolution 8516

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