Pets in Parks

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Dog owners are reminded: pick up after your pooch and use a leash to keep parks safe and fun for everyone. City ordinance requires that dogs must be leashed on all city streets, trails, and parks and pet owners must immediately remove their pet's waste from public spaces.

Missoula Animal Control and the Missoula Police Department may issue citations for violations of MMC# 6.07 which can carry fines from $25 to $500. For more information about enforcement of city/county animal control laws, contact Animal Control at 406-541-7387.

Dog waste and dogs off-leash in busy parks and trails are among the most common complaints of citizens who use Missoula's trails, parks, and playgrounds. Pet waste can spread disease and pollute waterways, which is a public health issue. Off-leash dogs can scare citizens, impede bike travel on trails, or disrupt others' use of parks. Pet owners need to step up and take responsibility for their pets, keep their pets safe, keep parks clean, and respect other users.

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