Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy Process

The building permit and any related permits for the project must pass final inspection and all conditions of those permits must be met before the City of Missoula can issue a Certificate of Occupancy. If they cannot be met at this time, you may request the departments review and approve a Conditional (aka Temp) Certificate of Occupancy. 

Commercial properties must pass their final fire inspection. 

If applicable, properties must pass their Missoula Public Health City-County Health Department final inspection. 

You can request inspections on related permits or conditions at any time. Approving departments are notified once the final building inspection is passed. However, to expedite the process, you may request inspections. Review How to View Conditions and Who to Contact below to determine your next steps. 

How to View Conditions

You can review the outstanding conditions in the Missoula Citizen Portal. Select the Conditions tab to see a list of conditions on your permit.Screenshot showing the conditions tab with examples of conditions on the ACA portal.

Condition Categories and Action Required

Review the conditions for any that show as "In Process" and need to be addressed.Detailed Condition

Please include both the address and permit number as well as any applicable information to address the conditions in your email. 

Request Certificate of Occupancy

Contact Coordinators by emailing coordinators@ci.missoula.mt.us to request your Certificate of Occupancy or Conditional Certificate of Occupancy.