A Message from the Mayor

Mayor John Engen's Message to the Citizens of Missoula

Missoula is my hometown, and even if it weren't, I'd have claimed it as such long ago. Many of you feel the same way. Missoula is the place we've elected to call home and we want it to continue to be a wonderful place to live, work, and raise families. One of the ways Missoulians can help keep our hometown (which is really a small city) great is by productively and constructively being a part of local government. Whether working on one of our many important volunteer boards, serving as an elected official, joining our exceptional staff, or simply staying on top of matters that affect our community, the City of Missoula offers plenty of ways for you to engage.

We're committed to building relationships with our citizens and communicating with you intelligently and effectively. This website is part of that effort. If you have suggestions for how this site might better serve Missoula, please let us know. There are also links to areas where you can become involved in local government decision-making, such as our volunteer boards and commissionsand our neighborhood councils.

If you have a public comment on business before the City Council, such as a public hearing, you may email the Council. You may also email your opinions or concerns to the Mayor's Office and the staff will direct them to the appropriate department.

For more information, view the Mayor's FAQs.

Mayor John Engen
Phone: 406-552-6001

Mayor John Engen