Applicant Information

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a police officer with the Missoula City Police Department. Our application process is detailed and time consuming both for the applicant and the Missoula Police Department. This process involves several phases, and is designed to meet the requirements of state and federal law, City of Missoula hiring policies, and the particular requirements of the Missoula Police Department.

Please read all information thoroughly. Our information, though sometimes repetitive, is aimed at answering any questions you have about our recruitment process, and ensuring that applicants provide all the material that we require to accept a valid applicant.

Required Information

We require a great deal of personal information from our applicants. While we have no desire to intrude unnecessarily into your life, and do not intend to deny anyone employment for improper or illegal reasons, we do believe that this level of personal information is necessary for us to meet our statutory obligation to hire police officers of good moral character.


In addition to the minimum qualifications established by Montana law, the Missoula Police Department has also established a variety of qualifications that the staff of the department has determined to be important factors in selecting our Police Officers.