MPC Fines

First meter or overtime violation$0
Second meter or overtime violation$5
Third meter or overtime violation$10
Fourth meter or overtime violation$15
Fifth meter or overtime violation$20
Improper Parking Violations, including the following:$20
No handicap permit$100

Improper Parking Violations

Improper Parking Violations, including the following:

  • Alley parking
  • Blocking driveway
  • Crosswalk violation
  • Lease only
  • Loading / bus zone
  • No parking
  • No resident permit
  • Pay lot
  • Teacher's lot
  • Wrong direction
  • Yellow zone

Paying Fines

The Missoula Parking Commission will accept payments over the phone at (406) 552-6250 using your Visa or Mastercard

OR, with the Online Portal using your Visa or MasterCard

OR, you may visit us at or mail payments to
128 W Main
Missoula, MT 59802