Master Project List

Disclaimer: This above list is a working document and is not final. We are still adding, clarifying and cross checking information. Amounts have been entered by numerous staff over 41 years. Historical information has not been verified by current staff. MRA amounts are based on either approved amount by MRA Board of Commissioners or final amount contributed to a project.

Project Type Key:

  • PP – public/private partnership leveraging private investment
  • PP-NP – public/private partnership leveraging other investment with a non-profit
  • PF – public facility (bldgs., i.e. City Hall, County Courthouse, Hellgate HS)
  • PT – parks & trails
  • PA – public art
  • LA – land acquisition
  • PW – public works project, i.e. road, sidewalk, water line, sewer line (not related to a partnership)
  • PL – plan, study, survey, etc.

    We are in the process of adding sub codes to the PP-NP category to identify whether it is a social, cultural or housing related entity. Examples would be:
  • Cultural – MCT, Art Museum
  • Social – Western Montana Mental Health Center, Poverello
  • Housing – homeWORD, Msla Housing Authority, North Missoula Community Development Corporation

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