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Covid-19 Reporting

  1. Employee COVID-19 Reporting Form 1
    For a City of Missoula Employee who has tested positive for COVID-19. Purpose: For the City of Missoula Human Resources to identify, report, and track COVID-19 cases.
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  5. First & Last Name
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  7. First & Last Name
  8. First & Last Name
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  10. COVID-19 Suspected Symptoms Present (Fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste, headache, etc.)*
  11. Have you been vaccinated for COVID 19 virus?
  12. If yes, have you received a vaccine booster?
  13. Has the employee been at work 2 days before the onset of symptoms?
  14. COVID-19 Test Results (If known)
  15. Dates of Isolation
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