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Street Use Permit Application

  1. Street Use Permit Application
    You must submit this application and all required attachments at least two weeks prior to the event.
  2. Nature of Event*
  3. If you selected "Other" please briefly describe the nature of your event above.
  4. Attachments

    Please attach all of the following documents in PDF form: 1. Map showing the area of closure. For parade routes or races you must show the entire route. 2. Liability Insurance Policy with the following requirements: Minimum amounts are $750,000 per claim and $1,500,000 per occurrence. The City of Missoula must be named as an additional insured for the event/activity for which the Street Use Permit is issued. 3. Application fee- $201

  5. Please Note: Submittal of this form does not constitute permit approval. The permit is not valid until all departments have signed off.
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