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1. I have a ticket, do I have to see the Judge?
2. How can I get my conviction expunged or removed from my record?
3. What are points and what is this ticket going to do to my driving record or my insurance rates?
4. Is there any way I can keep this ticket off of my record?
5. How do I get my ticket dismissed?
6. I can’t afford an attorney and don’t qualify for a public defender, can I represent myself?
7. What court do I go to?
8. I've been assigned to perform community service. What do I do?
9. I've been ordered to complete a treatment program as part of my sentence. Can I have an extension to get enrolled or complete my treatment program?
10. I've been assigned to complete a treatment program. Can I complete my court ordered treatment in another state or city in Montana?
11. I think there may be a warrant out for my arrest. How can I get a warrant to go away?
12. I'm supposed to appear in court today, but I can't make it. Do I have to appear?
13. The judge ordered restitution to me. When will I get that money?
14. My driver's license was suspended. How do I get it back?
15. Do I have to accompany my child to court?
16. How do I get copies of records from the court?
17. What are the court's surcharges used for?
18. Where can I do ACT (Assessment, Classes, Treatment) or MDD (Misdemeanor Dangerous Drugs Program)?
19. Where can I do Community Service?
20. Where can I do Anger Management?
21. How do I get my scheduled court hearing moved to a different date?
22. Can I just pay for my fine or will I need to see the judge?
23. How do I obtain an Order Directing Civil Standby?
24. How do I get a public defender?
25. Can I go to the court in my town for City of Missoula charges?
26. How do I get my hearing date/time changed?
27. How do I request restitution (as a victim)?
28. What do I need to bring to court?
29. How do I get a conviction off my record?
30. How do I get on the calendar for attorney/client walk-ins?
31. Does in cost an additional fee to see the Judge?
32. How do I found out who towed my car?
33. How do I get my payment plan lowered or request a global payment plan to address balances on more than one case?
34. Can I appear by telephone?