Grave Ownership Rights

When a person purchases an interment site they assume certain rights and responsibilities that are important to understand.

  4. 80-YEAR RULE
Cemetery Ownership:
All land within Missoula City Cemetery is owned and maintained by the city of Missoula.
Conveyance of Title: A conveyance of title is issued to the purchaser for the right to inter in a specified interment site.  The purchaser receives the original signed and sealed certificate.  This document is required by the cemetery when using, assigning, or selling back an interment site.
Ownership Responsibilites: The name stated on the conveyance of title document and issued at time of purchase is the sole owner of the interment site and controls the usage of the burial site.
       1.  It is the owner's responsibility to assign usage of the interment site through written assignment which must be on file at the cemetery.  The owner has the right to void or change the assignment at any time.  The cemetery must honor the most current written assignment on file at the cemetery.
       2.  It is the owner's responsibility to assign a legal heir who can assume control of the interment site upon their death.  The cemetery requires the original conveyance of title and the will that identifies the heir and calls out the cemetery interment site to which they have inherited control.

Please review cemetery ordinance for purchases

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Helpful suggestions:

  • Contact the cemetery to review grave assignments in advance of an illness or death
  • Place copies of written, notarized assignments on file at the cemetery
  • Tell family members where to find interment instructions