Monument Services

Over time monuments can accumulate dirt, lichen, moss, mold, and staining from air pollution. This can make the monument appear unsightly or obscure the inscription and degrade it over time. Cleaning your monument can increase its longevity, and ensure an enduring monument for years to come.
At Missoula City Cemetery we offer monument cleaning, monument leveling and other monument site repair. Our staff can take care of a variety of monument cleaning and site repair needs. From delicate jobs of cleaning marble and limestone monuments, to a vigorous cleaning of modern granite stones, leveling a monument, or remove a shrub.

To request a quote to clean, level, or do other monument site repair, please complete the monument service request form.

Important items to consider:

  • What material is your monument made of?
  • How old is the monument?
    • If a monument is very old, the stone may be brittle and a cleaning may not be recommended.
  • Do you have the legal authority to authorize a cleaning on the monument?
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The cemetery does not assume responsibility or liability for monuments placed at the cemetery. See monument regulations