River Road

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The River Road neighborhood (formerly Emma Dickinson / Orchard Homes) is located from Russell Street to Reserve Street, and from the Clark Fork River to South Third Street W. View the River Road neighborhood on a map
We have come together form diverse backgrounds as the River Road Neighborhood Council to be advocates for the well being of our neighborhood. The well being of our neighborhood and that of the larger Missoula community are closely interrelated. We intend to work in clear, caring and accountable ways for the benefit of our neighborhood and for the common good. We welcome this opportunity to let grassroots democratic processes help revitalize neighborhood advocacy. We commit ourselves to working together in a spirit of mutual respect.
River Road is updating its Infrastructure Plan. Please click here to give us your opinions.

What is important to the River Road Neighbors?
  1. Pedestrian and Bike Connectivity - 26 Votes
  2. Wayfinding - 17 Votes
  3. Trail Lighting - 14 Votes
  4. Neighborhood Watch - 9 Votes
  5. Street Lighting – 8 Votes
  6. Trees - 6 Votes
  7. Bus Stops - 6 Votes
  8. Through Street Connectivity - 6 Votes
  9. Sidewalks - 5 Votes
  10. Connecting with City Council Members - 4 Votes
  11. Local Services - 3 Votes
  12. Russell Street Progress - 1 Vote

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