Dogs on City-Owned Conservation Land

Open Space Alert - Summer, 2014

Pet owners are required to leash dogs near grazing sheep on Open Space

Report uncontrolled dogs to Animal Control 406-541-7387.

Dog Regulations

Dog regulations on Missoula's Conservation Lands vary between individual properties and trailheads. In addition to posted regulations, it is the responsibility of every dog owner to respect other trail users by practicing good dog etiquette.

Missoula's conservation lands are preserved to protect local flora and fauna and native habitats. Dogs can cause major negative environmental impacts if they are not managed responsibly by their owner. It's up to you to pick up after your dog and to keep your dog from chasing wildlife. Protect your dog's right to use Missoula's Conservation Lands by being a responsible owner!

Leashes required in certain areas

On Mt. Sentinel, Mt. Jumbo, The North Hills, and the Tower Street Conservation area dogs may be under voice restraint, but owners must obey the following rules:

  • Dog owners must obey all posted regulations.
  • Dogs must be leashed in parking areas and within 200 yards of trailheads.
  • Once outside posted leash zones dogs may be off-leash but must remain under voice restraint.
  • Open Space areas may be closed to dogs to protect vegetation or wildlife, or for maintenance projects.

It is illegal in the State of Montana for any dog to chase or harass wildlife or livestock. For more information, view the Living with Wildlife Brochure (PDF). Report uncontrolled dogs to Animal Control 406-541-7387.

Voice Restraint

When not on leash, dogs must be under voice restraint. A dog's owner or custodian must be within 75 feet of the dog and be able to effectively control and recall the dog at all times. Voice restraint is enforced regardless of any distractions that may be encountered in the park (such as wildlife, other dogs, or park visitors). If your dog runs up to people or other dogs, chases wildlife, or will not consistently come to you immediately upon command, your dog is not under voice restraint and must be leashed.

You know your dog better than anyone else, if your dog is prone to jumping up on people, fighting with other dogs, or chasing wildlife, be safe and keep your dog leashed.

Pick Up After Your Dog

You are required by law to remove and dispose of your dog's excrement. Disposal of your dog's excrement helps minimize the spread of disease, maintain clean water, and is a courtesy to other visitors. Mutt Mitts for poop pickup are provided free at trail heads. Disposal does not mean leaving the full bags along the trail for others to clean up. Please carry them back to a trash can.

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