Missoula Climate Action

Climate Action Updates

Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate

Heat pump water heaters are ultra efficient and offer several benefits to say you money and keep you comfortable.

New Dowtown Recycling Bins

New Recycling Bins

The City of Missoula along with partners Missoula Downtown Association and Missoula Redevelopment Agency recently added additional public recycling bins in the downtown area, with more to come over the next three years.

Solar Array at the Wastewater Treatment Plant

Solar at the Resource Recovery Facility

Missoula's Resource Recovery Facility recently "flipped the switch" on a new solar array that will help offset a significant portion of the facility's energy use.

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight - Jodi Pilgrim

"I care about climate action because I like to be outside-running up mountains, floating the river with my family, and hiking with my dog. Clean air and water are important to me." - Jodi Pilgrim, Parking Commission

Employee Spotlight - Brian Hensel

"I care about climate action because I enjoy many outdoor activities with my friends and family, such as hunting, boating, and fishing. I want our forests, lakes, and rivers to be available and enjoyable for my kids in the future. Smoky summers aren’t fun for anyone to be outdoors in and means habitat loss for animals." - Brian Hensel, Deputy Public Works Director for Streets

Employee Spotlight - Jeremy Flesch

"I care about climate action because I value the biological diversity that exists in and around Missoula between humans, plants and animals. We are lucky to live in Montana where many species call this home or use it as a migration corridor-from butterflies to pronghorns." - Jeremy Flesch, Vice Chair of the City's Energy and Climate Team

Employee Spotlight - Megan Smith

"I care about climate action because I would like to leave the world a little bit better than I found it. This encompasses a lot of things, but ensuring a livable environment is near the top of the list." - Megan Smith, Court Administrator, Municipal Court

The City of Missoula's Climate Action team works to lead by example, continually striving to ensure that our internal operations are low-impact and efficient, and works with community partners to provide services, infrastructure, and support to help our residents, businesses, and institutions reduce their environmental footprint to ensure a clean and healthy future for all. 

The City and its partners have adopted ambitious goals, including:

100% Clean Electricity by 2030

  • Interim Goal 80% Clean by 2025

Carbon Neutral in City Operations by 2025

  • Interim Goal: 10% Reduction by 2015
  • Interim Goal: 30% Reduction by 2017
  • Interim Goal: 50% Reduction by 2020

Carbon Neutral in Community by 2050

Zero Waste by 2050

  • Interim Goal: 30% Reduction by 2025
  • Interim Goal: 40% Reduction by 2030
  • Interim Goal: 60% Reduction by 2040

Building a resilient community to withstand the current and future effects of climate change.