Our Missoula Development Guide

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Our Missoula Development Guide (OMDG) is a tool that tracks and reports out on residential development trends occurring within the Missoula urban area. This area includes the city proper as well as the Urban Fringe Area that extends into the County (also known as the Growth Policy Boundary).

The OMDG report (previously called the Urban Fringe Development Area or UFDA) was first developed in 2007 and has been updated on a semi-annual basis. The report focuses primarily on residential and infrastructure development that supports residential uses. Staff use building permit data to categorize residential development into types, regions, and other metrics, and measures infrastructure improvements such as roads, sewer + water, multi-modal commuter trails, and new or improved parks and open spaces.

You can view all past reports in the links below:

2018-2028 OMDG Looking Forward

The 2018 Looking Forward document goal was to determine where 6,500 dwelling units could be built over the next 10 years. Land was categorized using capability, capacity, suitability and ultimately came up with opportunities within the OMDG Study area to determine where growth should occur.

This update develops the residential suitability layer, which utilizes sewer & water infrastructure and livability indicators to determine how suitability is changing over time.

The suitability layer had been carried forward into subsequent reports since it was developed in 2018.