The Pretreatment Program responsibilities are to:

  • Protect city personnel and the public
  • Meet the regulatory requirements placed on the program
  • Protect the plant processes, equipment, and collection system from impact by industrial discharge
  • Minimize any deleterious effect of industrial wastewater on the environment while creating a minimum regulatory burden on the industrial user


Specific elements of the Pretreatment Program are:

  • Regulating discharges of non-domestic wastewater, including significant and minor industrial users
  • Sampling and analyzing city areas to build and maintain a comprehensive geographic view of sources and plant loading
  • Overseeing the Hauled Waste Program
  • Testing and annual reporting for 503 sludge regulations
  • Submitting annual EPA pretreatment report and inspections


For more information about the Pretreatment Program, call 406-552-6606, or view the following: