Public Works & Mobility Department


The Public Works & Mobility Department delivers high-quality public infrastructure for Missoula's residents, visitors, and businesses by providing safe streets, reliable utilities, and responsive customer service.

City Cemetery

Planning & Engineering Division


Development Review & Inspections (Development Plan Review & Inspections)

Surface Transportation Engineering (Streets, Sidewalks/ADA, Parking, Surface Infrastructure)

Utilities Engineering (Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Infrastructure)

Transportation Planning

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Missoula in Motion

Bicycle and Pedestrian Office

Street Operations & Maintenance Division

Street Maintenance—provides snow removal, pothole and other roadway repairs, and leaf collection services.

Signals, Streetlights & Communications—maintains traffic signals and City-owned streetlights and installs and maintains vehicle communication systems for other City departments. 

Traffic Services—fabricates, repairs, and replaces street signs; applies and maintains striping and other pavement markings; and installs and maintains traffic calming solutions on Missoula streets.

Utility Operations & Maintenance

Missoula Water—provides clean, safe water throughout the city and maintains the water system infrastructure. 

Stormwater —provides for and maintains infrastructure for both surface and underground movement of water from rain, snow melt, and other weather events and ensures compliance with state, federal, and local laws for stormwater management. 

Wastewater —provides safe and environmentally conscientious management and disposal of sewage. Includes the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Garden City Compost facilities.

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