Fire Prevention Bureau


The Fire Prevention Bureau consists of the Fire Marshal, Assistant Fire Marshal, and three Fire Inspectors. The Prevention Bureau is responsible for fire code enforcement, fire investigation, and public fire safety education.

The Prevention Bureau conducts periodic fire and life safety inspections of buildings in the city in accordance with the International Fire Code, conducts fire cause and origin investigations, and provides public fire safety education and training for the community.


Puppet Show Program

Puppet Show Program

Fire Prevention Bureau Services


The Missoula Fire Department (MFD) makes the greatest effort to inspect commercial occupancies within city limits every 5 years. This may include:

  • Business Licenses
  • New construction & Remodels
  • Occupancies requiring annual inspections per state law.

We also conduct courtesy residential safety inspections upon request.

Fire Inspection Details

Missoula Fire Department Bureau

Fire Investigations

Following the event of a fire suppressed by MFD Operations, the Fire Prevention Bureau leads an investigation into the event. The bureau's 5 members are trained investigators to determine the cause of fire related events.

Should you be looking for specific information regarding an investigation, please contact our Fire Prevention Bureau or speak with our office staff regarding a records request.

Smoke Detector Program

The Missoula Fire Department offers a program to ensure a working smoke detector is installed in every home. If your home is missing a smoke detector or the existing detector is no longer functioning, you can contact MFD for a replacement. To participate, you must:

  • Live within city limits and
  • Own your home.

For those needing assistance with their detectors, we are also able to assist with battery replacement.

Please contact us at 406-552-6210 during business hours and ask to speak to one of our bureau members.

Public Education

In coordination with the Missoula County Fire Protection Association (MCFPA), we visit elementary schools twice every year for safety messages to kindergarten (in the fall) and first grade (in the spring) students.

We also offer assistance with:

  • Fire Safety Discussions.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Escape Planning
  • Fire Drill Assistance

Public Education Programs


Within the City of Missoula, per City Ordinance 3512 (PDF), fireworks and pyrotechnic displays are not permitted within the city limits. The Fire Prevention Bureau has the authority to grant pyrotechnic permits to licensed and authorized technicians for a public aerial display, special effects for concert-type arenas, and venue permits for those looking to host pyrotechnic acts (i.e. fire dancing).

If you interested in acquiring such a permit, please contact the Missoula Fire Department's Prevention Bureau at 406-552-6210.

Specific novelty-type fireworks, including sparklers and snakes, are acceptable for general public use. Visit our Fireworks page for more information on what is permitted.