Business Fire Inspection

The Missoula Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau makes a concerted effort to visit and inspect all commercial occupancies every five years to ensure compliance with the current adopted fire code (PDF). Various occupancy types require annual inspections including Schools, Liquor License properties, Assisted Living Facilities, and Daycares. If you believe your business is due for an inspection, please contact our Fire Prevention Bureau at 406-552-6210 to schedule.

Business Inspections

Our Fire Prevention Bureau also inspects all new construction, commercial remodels, business licenses, liquor licenses, certificate of occupancy, and fire protection system revisions to ensure compliance with the current adopted fire code (PDF).

  • Business License Inspections are required for every new business license that comes through City Hall.
  • Liquor License Inspections occur annually at the end of every fiscal year and by request of the state liquor license office.
  • Certificate of Occupancy Inspections, or Building Finals, are required for construction projects on commercial properties that required a Fire Department plans review.
  • Learn more about each of these inspection types here: Missoula Fire Inspection License Requirements

Plan Review and Construction Inspection

Missoula Fire Department is involved in construction processes from Plans Review to final inspection. This can involve multiple phases depending on the scope of the project.

  • Plan Review
  • Underground Cover
  • Underground Hydrostatic Test
  • Underground Flush
  • Sprinkler Cover
  • Sprinkler System Final
  • Fire Alarm
  • More detailed information on the plan review and construction inspection processes is available here: Missoula Fire Inspection Process Details


Plan check and inspection fees are included in your permitting fees from Development Services.

The Fire inspection and plan checking fee schedule (PDF), effective January 1, 2023, outlines all Fire Department plan and inspection fees for your convenience and planning purposes.

Fire Inspection Resource List

View our list of inspection tips, guidelines, and helpful resources here: Fire Inspection Resources.

Schedule Inspection

To schedule an inspection, please call the Missoula Fire Department at 406-552-6210 during normal business hours and ask to speak to someone in the Fire Prevention Office.