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Report Urban Camping

  1. If you are in immediate danger or believe a crime is being committed, call 911.

    If you are witnessing drug or alcohol use, violent or aggressive behavior, or other immediate safety concerns, please do not use this form.  Call 911 immediately.  

    If something requires a non-emergency police response, please still call 911 and tell them you have a non-emergency police request.  This may be the case if an encampment is blocking a sidewalk, for example.

    A vehicle that is unoccupied and has been sitting on the street for more than five days can be reported on the abandoned vehicle form.

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  3. Encampment Information

    We cannot remove or ticket people just because they are unhoused.  Encampments must pose a health or safety concern, be preventing the use of a public space, or be blocking the public right-of-way.

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  5. Encampment Concerns

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  6. Enter the address of the camp, if applicable, or nearby cross-streets.

  7. Please be as specific as possible about the location of the camp.  Examples include "the northwest corner of (X property) behind the bushes" or "near the east side of the trail just north of the Russell Street intersection."

  8. Additional Information

    Please add any additional details you can. 

  9. You may upload a photo or map if you wish

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