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Parks & Recreation Share The Fun Scholarship Application

  2. Share The Fun Recreation Grants
    Apply for a scholarship for summer camps, swim passes and swim lessons, or other youth and adult programs. Scholarships are funded by the City of Missoula and by Missoula County for County residents. Please complete this form BEFORE REGISTRATION so that we may attach the correct scholarship to your Webtrac account. *If you have already completed this form once, there is no need to reapply.
  3. After completing this form, you will receive emailed information about how to register for Summer Camps and other programs within 2 business days. Information provided will remain confidential. Questions or concerns? Use the box below, call 721-7275, or email

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  6. Please list participant names and birthdates
    Members of your household only, please. List additional children in the box below.
  7. First and last names, birthdates
  8. As listed on your federal income tax return, including unemployment. Proof of income is not required at the time of application. By completing this form, you certify that you will provide proof of income if requested by City of Missoula financial auditors.
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  10. Choose your top 2 programs of interest:*
  11. By electronically signing this form, I certify the above information is accurate, and I agree my child/children will comply with program COVID-19 safety protocols. I further agree that while proof of income is not required at time of application, I will provide proof of income if requested by City of Missoula financial auditors.
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