Plant a Tree

How to Plant a Tree

The Forestry Division performs many tree-planting functions on public lands.  All tree planting within the public Right-of-Way requires a signed permit from the Urban Forestry Division. 

Please do not plant any vegetation in the city right-of-way without an approved planting permit. 

Development Resources:

For all new builds including commercial and residential, a signed permit will be required prior to work being completed for the final Certificate of Occupancy and obtaining a signed permit is a requirement on the building permit checklist.  Please fill out the permit application and return to for review and approval.  The permit is required during the building permit process checklist.  Once trees are installed per the approved landscape plan for the subdivision or phase, or the approved landscape plan that is uploaded with a commercial build, an inspection date will be generated to close out the boulevard landscaping conditions for the final Certificate of Occupancy. 

Landscape Architects and Developer Resources:

Please review the Parks and Recreation Design Manual, 2018 Edition, for Public Right-of-Ways, Greenways and Other Public Recreation Facilities and the Approved Street Tree List for approved tree species. 

 Property Owner Resources:

There are a few options for property owners to plant or have a tree planted in the boulevard adjacent to their home. The Urban Forestry Division takes new tree requests for annual Spring tree planting. The list is usually full prior to the planting season beginning, so requests may be planted the following year depending on tree availability. 

 Tree planting prioritization: 

  1. Public trees that have been removed, have no utility or infrastructure conflicts and the adjacent homeowner agrees to its care, i.e. New Tree Care Agreement. 
  2. Areas located within Missoula’s Invest Health Neighborhoods, Northside, Westside, River Road and Franklin to the Fort neighborhoods.
  3. Open Space bond and Reforestation plantings. 

Property owners may also apply for a boulevard tree planting permit.  The property owner will email Urban Forestry at to trigger an inspection of their boulevard. The inspection will ensure that there is adequate room, i.e. soil volume for a new tree.  The applicant will need to fill out the planting permit application with a tree species chosen from the approved street tree list.  The costs of the planting will be incurred by the property owner, with the understanding that the tree is publicly owned and will be maintained under the Urban Forestry program. 

 Questions or concerns? Please email us at or phone the Urban Forestry Specialist at (406) 552-6270.

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