Major Projects

Transform Brooks-Connect Midtown

November 2023 Update: How can Brooks Street be transformed to connect you and others in the community to home, to work, to services, and to recreation? Your feedback is needed to help shape this important transportation corridor!. Please see the Engage Missoula page for more information on this project.

Background: In November 2021, the City of Missoula, in partnership with the Missoula Urban Transportation District (MUTD/Mountain Line) was awarded an $847,000 grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation's Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program. 

West Broadway River Corridor Plan

The West Broadway River Corridor Project is designed to improve ecological, recreational and safety conditions along the Clark Fork River between McCormick Park and the California Street Bridge. The project provides multiple opportunities to improve river form and function and to redefine how Missoulians interact with this section of the Clark Fork. Project partners include the City of Missoula Parks and Recreation and Public Works and Mobility departments, Missoula Redevelopment Agency, Trout Unlimited and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. To learn more about this project, visit the Engage Missoula page.

Ravara-Scott Street Property

December 2023 Update: The Missoula Redevelopment Agency (MRA) Board of Commissioners approved Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for new public infrastructure and workforce housing for the Scott Street-Ravara project at the MRA Board meeting on Friday, December 1, and was discussed at City Council Committee on December 6, 2023. TIF investment in public infrastructure and gap funding for 46 income-restricted homes will kick start redevelopment of a former brownfield into a new mixed use, mixed income neighborhood on Scott Street in the northside neighborhood. To learn more, visit the Engage Missoula site for this project.

The Scott Street Development is a proposed new development located at the former White Pine Sash location on Scott Street in the Northside neighborhood of Missoula. The project consists of 9 acres total, with 3 acres dedicated for 70 permanently income-qualified home ownership community land trust homes and 6 acres dedicated for mixed-use (retail and 240 market rate apartments). To learn more about this project, visit the Engage Missoula page.

Shaping the Future of West Broadway

September 1, 2023 Update: The property at 1427 W. Broadway (former Sleepy Inn) is listed for sale. Head to the Shaping the Future of West Broadway project page to learn about the future of this property and the deconstruction process.

Riverfront Triangle Development

The Riverfront Triangle site (previously known as the Fox Site) is located along the north shore of the Clark Fork River at the southwest corner of the intersection of Orange and West Front Streets. The city, through MRA, has prepared the Fox Site to accommodate a model multi-use development which will be the anchor of the west entrance to the downtown core and the east entry to the West Broadway corridor. The city has directed MRA to seek an appropriate private development team to realize this vision. View the Fox Site Parcel Map (PDF).  For more information, please email Ellen Buchanan or call 406-552-6156.

Front Street/Main Street Two-Way Conversion

September 2023 Update: This project is now a part of the Downtown Safety, Access, and Mobility (SAM) project that combines several transportation and safety projects along, Front St., Main St., Higgins Ave, and ADA access to Caras Park. Visit the Downtown SAM Engage Missoula page for the most current updates and to share your feedback. 

MRA URD II Montana Idaho Water & Sidewalk Project

February 2024 Update: Public Works and Mobility is currently bidding Phase 2 of the URD II Montana Idaho Water & Sidewalk project.

The next phase of URD II sidewalk construction will take place on Montana and Dakota Streets between California Street and Russell Street. Please click here to view the Phase 2 Design of the Montana & Dakota Streets of the URD II Water & Sidewalk project. For more information please visit the Water Projects page.

Contact Andy Schultz, (406) 552-6758, with any questions.

Since 2009, MRA has invested $4.8 million in tax increment and constructed 5.2 miles of sidewalk in URD II as part of the MRA Sidewalk Program. The goal of the program is to complete the City sidewalk network in URD II prior to the Sunset of the District. These sidewalk projects further the goals outlined in the City Strategic Plan and the URD II Urban Renewal Plan by reducing blighting conditions as defined in state urban renewal law, increasing public safety, particularly along school routes, and enhancing the pedestrian environment making the URD’s more walkable.  

Greater Downtown Master Plan

The MRA partnered with the Business Improvement District, the Missoula Parking Commission, the Missoula Downtown Association, and numerous business and property owners to create the first long range master plan for the downtown area. After over a year of planning and numerous public meetings, the plan was adopted by City Council in August 2009. The East Front Street parking structure is one of the first catalyst projects in the implementation phase. View the Greater Missoula Downtown Master Plan. For more information, please email Ellen Buchanan or call 406-552-6156.

California Street Preliminary Design - Dakota Street to South 3rd Street West

Although no construction timeline has been set as funding sources are yet to be identified, MRA has undertaken a project to complete the preliminary design of California Street from Dakota Street to S. 3rd Street W. in URD II. The goals of the design project include improving public safety for all modes of travel in the corridor, maintaining the neighborhood character of the street, and creating a blueprint for the redesigned streetscape. In 2012, the preliminary design of California Street from the Clark Fork River to Dakota Street was completed: (2012 Preliminary Design) (PDF). In May 2018, three design alternatives for California Street between Dakota Street and S. 3rd Street W. were presented at a public open house: Prezi Presentation. Based on public comment received and input from City Departments, a preferred design alternative has emerged and will be presented at a public open house on Oct. 2, 2018 between 5:30-7:30pm at the Salvation Army, 355 S. Russell Street. (Preferred Design Alternative (PDF)) Questions regarding the preferred design alternative can be addressed to Tod Gass, MRA, 406-552-6159.

Russell Street Corridor Design Study

Progressive Urban Management Associates conducted a study, including a public process, to examine urban design and land use regulation as part of the City's effort to shape future building design and land use along Russell Street from South Third Street West to West Broadway. The resulting report, Russell Street Development Recommendations (PDF), contains a summary of public input and recommendations. Funded by a grant through the Sonoran Institute, the project was completed in conjunction with the City of Missoula's Development Services and the Missoula Redevelopment Agency.

Southgate Area Redevelopment Plan

The primary objective of the Southgate Area Redevelopment Plan is to identify strategies for redeveloping vacant property south of Southgate Mall and provide direction on how to best apply public and private dollars toward that goal. The plan defines a vision for the property and contains specific goals and objectives to achieve that vision. View the Southgate Area Redevelopment Plan Summary Report - July 2006 (PDF). If you are interested in this area of URD III, please email Ellen Buchanan at 406-552-6156.

Missoula Redevelopment Agency

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City of Missoula Data City project

Over the last few years, the City of Missoula has partnered with the University of Montana to analyze data, create data visualizations and dashboards, and collaborate on data projects for various departments within the city. MRA participated in this program in 2023 and worked with a graduate student to produce a dashboard of MRA projects. View this education dashboard on Tableau.