Fort Missoula History

Years History
1877 to 1900 Original Fort Missoula
1900 to 1912 Fort Reconstruction
1933 to 1940 Civilian Conservation Corps.
1941 to 1947 WWII Internment Camp

Overview of Fort Missoula Regional Park

Years History
1995  Open Space Plan & Bond - Acquired lands for additional playing fields
1997 City acquired 100 acres from the University of Montana
2001 to 2002 Extensive public process leads to adoption of conceptual mater plan and guiding principles by Board of County Commissioners and by both City and County Park Boards. 
Jan 2003 Western Cultural Inc. (WCI) completes preliminary historical & archaeological investigations. Phase 1
April 2005 WCI completes mitigation plan for Fort Missoula Regional Park (FMRP)
April 2008 WCI completes historic resources and park design
Stakeholders meeting held with Friends of FMRP, Fort Missoula Historical Museum, Rocky Mountain Military Museum, Norther Rockies Heritage Center, Missoula County, MCPS, Unversity of Montana, Missoula Parks Board, Ultimate, Strikers, Maggots, and YMCA
June 2008 WCI hosts public open house and round-table discussion
Sept 2008 WCI completes State Historic Preservation Office Letter of Concurrence
2008 City adopts master plan including design development detail and cultural resource plan
2012 County adopts master plan and development detail which continues the cultural resources theme, and included expansion of Historic District
2014 County Parks and Trails Bond passes in election, providing funds for development of FMRP