Emergency Preparedness

Water Emergencies

To report a water emergency, or to shut off your water at the meter or street, please call 406-552-6700. This is a 24-hour emergency number. After hours, be sure to inform the answering service that you have an emergency. In an emergency you may also call 911.

Earthquakes, storms, power outages, failure of pumps or water lines can cause unannounced interruptions of water service. Missoula Water and other City operations work closely with local, state, and federal officials to identify emergency scenarios and develop strategies for cooperative responses. For more information about preparing for emergencies access Missoula County's Emergency Preparedness website.

Water utilities may also be targets for terrorists and other would-be criminals wishing to disrupt and cause harm to community water supplies. Residents can help by reporting any suspicious activity in and around local water utilities. Examples of suspicious activity might include:

  • People dumping or discharging material into a water reservoir
  • People climbing or cutting a fence around utility property
  • An unidentified vehicle parked near water facilities for no apparent reason
  • A suspicious opening or tampering with manhole covers, buildings or equipment
  • People climbing up or on top of water tanks or generators
  • People photographing or videotaping utility facilities, structures or equipment
  • Strangers hanging around locks or gates
  • Unauthorized connection to a fire hydrant

Report suspicious activities to local authorities. Please do not confront strangers yourself. For more information on water security, visit the EPA's page on Water Quality Surveillance and Response.