Stormwater Projects

Stormwater projects can include dry well installation, maintenance, and cleaning; levee maintenance; and various other projects that address how stormwater makes its way through Missoula. Below are projects scheduled for 2023.

  1. clark fork river levee repairs - Russell St to california st ped bridge

Clark Fork River Levee Repairs - Russell St. to California St. Pedestrian Bridge

Detour Map_CA St Bdg to Russell 2023-4-25Description:  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be leading Repairs to Clark Fork River Levee between Russell St. and the California St. pedestrian bridge on the north bank of the river.

PROJECT UPDATE:  Repair of the trail asphalt will run from Tuesday, April 25, through Saturday, April 29. A detour route will be posted.

Benefits: The levee helps protect the businesses and residences behind it from flooding during high-water events. Repairing the riverbank and replacing the large rock, known as riprap, with larger rock will reduce the likelihood of major bank erosion during future high-water events. Having the levee constructed and maintained so that it could be accredited by the Army Corps is critical for the homes and businesses protected by the levee to prevent flooding. In addition, non-accreditation of the levee would cause all businesses and residences protected by it to either obtain or increase their flood insurance coverage.

In addition to placement of larger riprap, native grasses will be planted on this section of the levee as additional help in preventing erosion with the added benefit that the grass lessens the amount of heat directed toward the water. The riprap reflects the sun's heat onto the river, warming the river's water temperature, which has a negative effect on fish species.

Details:  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be conducting the work, which is necessary to repair damage to the levee caused by erosion during previous high-water events. Strong river currents displaced much of the riprap along the riverbank.

Trail Detour:  Because the area where the levee repairs will take place is adjacent to the Riverfront Trail, a section of the trail will be detoured to nearby Cedar and California streets. Any delays caused by the detour should be minimal as the California St. pedestrian bridge and Riverfront Trail east of the pedestrian bridge will be fully open to all trail users.

Trail Detour Map

Project Funding:  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is funding the repairs.

Project Dates:  The repairs are expected to begin Tuesday, November 8, but the finish date has not yet been determined. This page will be updated as soon as the estimated completion date is available.

Project Contact:  Tracy Campbell, Stormwater Utility Superintendent, 406-830-5455 or

  1. "Graffiti wall" cleanup to prevent further river pollution—completed

Completed Stormwater Projects

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