Become a Responsible Pet Owner

Easy Steps to Becoming a Responsible Pet Owner

  • Leash your dog at all times on city streets and trails, in city parks, and where required on open space lands.
  • Never assume that other park visitors will enjoy contact with your dog. Just as you would not allow your child to jump on or approach strangers, you should not allow your pet to do so.
  • If concern for others or your pet isn't enough to get you to pick up after and leash your dog, think of the potential impact it could have on your wallet. You can be fined up to $500 for a violation of the Animal Control Ordinances 

Pick Up After Your Pet

  • Take advantage of the Mutt Mitts offered in dispensers at local parks.
  • Ensure you always have extra litter bags in your car so you are prepared when you travel with your dog. One responsible pet owner recommends keeping a couple of bags tied to the handle of the dog leash at all times.
  • Tell friends and neighbors about the harmful effects of animal waste on the environment. Encourage them to clean up after and leash pets.

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Off-Leash Areas

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