Moon-Randolph Homestead

Less than two miles from downtown Missoula, history and culture intertwine at an old ranch in the Rattlesnake foothills. The City of Missoula purchased the 470-acre Randolph property in 1996 to preserve open space for animals, plants and people.

The ranch at the northwest corner of the property — continuously cultivated for 100 years by the Moon and Randolph families—gradually began to draw the attention of curious and concerned citizens. In 1998 the North Missoula Community Development Corporation sponsored a community campaign to preserve the homestead, creating the Hill and Homestead Preservation Coalition (HHPC.) Since 2000, Parks and Recreation has managed the homestead through a cooperative agreement with NMCDC. 

Hundreds of people have experienced the homestead’s special gifts. And each person takes away an imprint of the place: a glimpse of an owl in flight, the feel of a worn plow handle, the sound of laughter and apples falling from the crown of a tangled tree.  

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Visit the Homestead

The homestead is open to the public Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., May through October. Walk over from the North Hills Trailheads or drive up to the Homestead.

Tours are available on Saturdays. Visitors are also encouraged to explore the unique character and spirit of the Homestead at their own pace.

Private tours for school groups and community organizations can be arranged on request, and the homestead is available for gatherings, weddings, and private events during the open season. Please contact the caretakers via email for more information or to arrange a visit:

An annual public Fall Gathering in late September brings the Missoula community to the homestead to share fresh apple cider, live music, and a harvest feast. Follow us on Facebook to stay current on Homestead events and workshops. 

Homestead Location

1515 Spurlock Rd., Missoula, MT 59802
Please close the green gate behind you when you enter the Homestead. It helps us maintain the quality of the Homestead and ensure the safety of open range livestock.

Research and Volunteer

Gardening, leading tours, building restoration, and education are just some of the skills you can share or learn at the homestead.

We are always looking for new ideas, and welcome collaborations with artists, writers, craftspeople, and others. Students are welcome to contact us to discuss internship opportunities.

The homestead also maintains a document archive and an inventory of tools and artifacts for use by researchers who wish to explore the site’s history. All of the artifacts and documents in the collection were salvaged from the homestead sheds and shelters.
Please email the homestead at or call 406.728.0451 for more information on all our research and volunteer opportunities.

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Homestead Strategic Plan 

In 2015, City Council adopted an updated Strategic Plan for the Moon-Randolph homestead.  Read the plan online.