Wellness Program

The City of Missoula Wellness Program, Fit City, emphasizes a commitment to employees’ health by achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition and physical activity. 

Health and Blood Screenings

Employees and their spouses, or domestic partners, are encouraged to participate in events hosted and/or sponsored by the City throughout the year, such as an annual blood screening, health risk appraisals, and workshops to learn about important healthy lifestyle choices to improve overall wellbeing. Blood screenings are voluntary and can reduce a plan member's annual deductible under the health benefit plan. Communication and registration information will be provided prior to each event, either through email or flyers posted within the departments.

Blood screenings may also be completed by the plan member's primary care provider, using this Blood Screening Verification Form. 

When blood screenings are not an option or the individual chooses not to participate in a medical screening, an opportunity to participate in the voluntary reduction program by completing the activities on the Alternative VRP for Deductible Form.

Employee Discounts

Aquatics Annual Passes: 

Employees have the opportunity to save on an annual pass to Currents and/or Splash, open enrollment for these passes are offered every January, May and September. For additional program details, please review the Fit City Flyer. To participate, please complete the Fit City Aquatics Pass Agreement

Gym Membership Discounts:

Local gyms in Missoula offer discounted gym memberships to the City of Missoula employees. For information on the current discounted memberships, please review the Fit City Gym Flyer. To participate, please contact the gym directly.

Employee Resources